Polygon scanner

Hyper scan scanner

고속으로 회전하는 Polygon 미러를 통해 2축 scanner 대비 10배 이상 빠른 속도로 laser beam을 주사할 수 있으며, ablation rate이 낮은 laser에 적용하여 공정 시간을 크게 단축시킬 수 있습니다.

Product Lincoln hyperSCAN Polygonal Scan Head
Highlights Designed for ultra-high-speed, dual-axis scanning on fixed targets
Wavelength Options 355 nm, 515 nm, 532 nm, 1030 nm, 1064 nm
Scan Rate 217 - 616 lines/s
Scan Speed (on target)¹ 70 - 200 m/s
Output Scan Angle² ±16° (Typical)
Input Clear Aperture 15 mm
f-theta Optics Focal Length 255 mm
Spot Size(M²=1.0) at 532nm³ 25 µm
Field Size 160 mm X 160 mm
Resolution, X Axis <3 μm
Resolution, Y Axis <3 μm
Repeatability, X axis⁴ ± 15  μm
Repeatability, Y axis⁴ ± 15  μm
X-Y Axes Galvanometers Yes
Start of Scan Sensor Yes
CDA Purge Port Yes
Control Card Included, with software interface
Input Power 24VDC 3A, 48VDC 6A (scan head); 12VDC 2A (controller)
Data Cable Length 5m (16.4 ft) max.
Laser Requirements Pulse on Demand (POD), Synchronization, Seed Frequency ≥ 50MHz
Operating Environment 25 °C ±10 °C ≤ 80% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions (excluding handles and scan lens) 10 in x 10.25 in x 10 in (254 mm x 260 mm x 254 mm)
Weight approx. 22 kg.
Notes 1) Calculated based on the scan rate and the use of an f-theta lens of 255 mm EFL
2) Larger scan angles available with reduced input beam size
3) Collimated input beam
4) Laser dependent


Product Lincoln POLYtek™ Polygonal Scan Head Start of Scan Sensor Yes
Highlights Designed for ultra-high-speed, single-axis scanning on moving targets CDA Purge Port Yes
Wavelength Options 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm, 10.6 μm Input Power 4 120 VAC, to controller
Scan Rate 150 – 800 lines/s (Standard)
0 – 1600 lines/s (Optional)
Control Card Included, with software interface
Scan Speed 1 48 – 256 m/s (Standard)
0 – 512 m/s (Optional)
Data Cable Length 25 ft. (7.62m) Max
Input Beam Size 15 mm (Max.) Y- Axis Galvanometer Optional
Line Placement Repeatability – Y Axis ±16 μrad Galvanometer Analog Communication ±10 V
Optimal Laser Pixel Placement Repeatability X Axis ±48 μrad Dimensions (excluding handles and scan lens) 10 in x 10.88 in x 11.43 in
(254 mm x 276 mm x 290 mm)
Output Scan Angle 3 ±16° (Typical) Datasheets
Operating Temperature 15 °C ±10 °C Notes 1) Calculated based on the scan rate and the use of an f-theta lens of 255 mm EFL
2) Larger scan angle with input beam diameter less than 15 mm
3) Requires ±15 VDC (7 Amps. Max), 5 VDC, and 24 VDC input power to the scan head

Polygon Component

Closed Loop Galvometer

Product 62xxH Series 83xxK Series
Highlights Efficiently-sized, reliable, cost-effective, and performance-optimized for most scanning applications. All the benefits of the 62xxH Series with even lower noise and drift for improved stability and resolution.
Apertures 3 - 50 mm 3 - 50 mm
Wavelength Options 355 nm / 532 nm / 1030 nm - 1080 nm / 9.4 µm - 10.6 µm
Broadband Coatings: 350 nm – 12 um
Maximum Scan Angle 40°
Linearity 99.9% minimum, over 20°
99.5% typical, over 40°
Repeatability 8 µrad
Compatible Servo Drivers Analog Series:  671, 672, 673
Digital Series:  DC900, DC2000, DC3000 Plus
Notes: All angles are mechanical degrees, unless otherwise noted.

Moving Coil Galvometer

Highlights These galvanometer scanners have a high torque over extremely wide scan angles, with high accuracy and repeatability due to unique position detector design near mirror.

Open Loop Galvometer

Highlights Straight-forward and simple operation and control for applications requiring low speed and accuracy.

Resonant Scanner

Products CRS 4 KHz CRS 8 KHz CRS 12 KHz
Highlights Unique technology ideal for high-resolution imaging applications with fast frame rates.
Aperture 12 x 9.25 mm 7.2 x 5.0 mm ellipse 7.2 x 5.0 mm ellipse
Resonant Frequencys
(Hz, at 25°C)
3938 7910 12000
Maximum Scan Angle1 26° 26° 10°
Driver Board Driver board included
Notes: 1. All angles are in optical degrees, unless otherwise noted.

Analog Servo Drivers

Products 671 672 673
Highlights Performance PID servo drivers offered in compact, dual-axis and high power configurations.
Number of Axes Single Single Dual
Command Input
+/- 10 volts
Output Stage Differential Single-Ended Differential
Power Supply Requirements +/- 15 to +/- 28VDC configurations available
Temperature Stability 20 ppm/°C
Built-in Protection Galvo Protection: Over-Temp/Over-Position
Servo Protection: Under-Voltage
Add-on Features High Power Option Digital Interface N/A N/A
(Approximate, cm)
10.16 x 6.68 x 2.69 5.4 x 6.03 x 2.69 10.03 x 7.75 x 3.07
Notes: 1. Measurements include standard heatsink bracket.

Digital Servo Drivers

Products DC900 DC2000 DC3000 Plus
Highlights Self-calibrating, state-space servo drivers for applications demanding the highest speeds.
Number of Axes Single Dual Dual
Command Input Analog
High Speed Serial Digital
High Speed Serial Digital
High Speed Serial Digita
Power Supply Requirements +/-15 to +/-32 VDC configurations available +/-15 to +/-32 VDC configurations available +/-15 to +/-28 VDC configurations available
Max Drive Current 8 amps peak
5 amps rms
10 amps peak
2.5 amps rms (per axis)
20 amps peak
5 amps rms (per axis)
Quiescent Current 15W 16W 11.5W
ADither (RMS) 8 µrad-mech 7 µrad-mech 4 µrad-mech
(Approximate, cm)
5.14 x 10.48 x 4.45 10.5 x 7.5 x 6.44 10.5 x 7.5 x 6.44
Notes: All angles are mechanical degrees, unless otherwise noted.
1. Dimensions include standard, single-module heatsink bracket. DC2000 is also available with split-module heatsink bracket.

Polygon Servo Drivers

Products BMC-3.4 Analog BMC-7 Analog BMC-30012 Digital
Highlights Compact and full-featured analog controller Full-featured analog controller with more power Digital Controller allows input via TTL or via Ethernet
Speed Range*s 620 to 55,000 RPM 620 to 55,000 RPM 0 to 30,000 RPM
Speed Stability* <0.01% <0.01% <0.03%
Max Continuous Motor Current 2.5 Amps 6.0 Amps 10.0 Amps
Encoder Capable Yes Yes Encoder is Required
Supply Voltage
15V / 30V 15V / 60V 20V / 80V
Supply Current
4 Amps 9 Amps 15 Amps
Drive Type Current Current / Voltage Current
Motor @sync Signal Yes Yes Yes
Single Pulse per Rev Yes
(4 pole motor only)
(4 pole motor only)
(from encoder)
Notes: Scanner minimum speed can be lower for compatible scanner equipped with an encoder Scanner minimum speed can be lower for compatible scanner equipped with an encoder A scanner compatible with an encoder must be used

Precision Mirrors

Products Standard High-Performance
Highlights Adaptable and cost-effective silicon and fused-silica substrates supporting 3 - 50 mm aperture sizes. Highly-optimized beryllium substrates reduce inertia while maintaining stiffness for applications where speed is a premium. Available in 7 - 50 mm aperture sizes.
Coatings Performance coatings available in a full range from 355 nm to 10.6 um. Broadband coatings with good overall reflectivity complement wavelength specific coatings with extremely high reflectivity.
Mounting Options In-house mounting options available to optimize performance, serviceability, and cost.

Polygon Mirrors

Highlights Diamond-turned and conventionally-polished polygon mirrors constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum; regular, irregular, monogon, and pyramidal geometries; flatness to 1/8 ƛ; surface roughness 20Å - 80Årms; facet count 1-128; inscribed diameters up to 12 in.; scan angles 5 -70°
Coatings Gold, NiChrome, Aluminum, and various dielectric quarter wave stacks (wavelengths 350 – 10,600 nm)
Resource Polygonal Mirrors Design Guide