Hollow core fiber for fs laser (펨토초/피코초 레이저용 파이버)

Fiber Beam Delivery System

Laser beam을 Hollow core fiber를 통해 전달 시키는 module입니다. 이 모듈은 Laser 가공장비에서 사용되는 beam coupling optic들을 대체하여 가공단으로 laser beam을 바로 입사 시킬 수 있으며, 크고 무거운 Laser로 인해 장비 제작 시 발생되는 Dimension, Load capacity 등을 Beam delivery system을 통해 해소 할 수 있습니다. 필요 시 Hollow core fiber 만 구매 가능하며, 여러 측정 분야에 활용되는 White laser(Comblas) 또한 구매 가능합니다.

Properties Model
Physical properties BDS-Yb&NdYag BDS-Green
Product sheet
Fiber length** 2,3,5m 2,3,5m
Output beam quality M²<1.3
Gas/Vacuum connection KF16
Fiber protection** Metalicmonocoil
Min. Bend radius 200mm
Optical properties BDS-Yb&NdYag BDS-Green
Working wavelength** 1030/1064nm 515/532nm
Attenuation <50dB/km <100dB/km
Dispersion @ Working wavelength 1ps/nm.km±0.5 1ps/nm.km±0.5
Transmission band*** >200nm >100nm
Input beam requirement** 2.9mm±0.1mm 3mm±0.1mm
Bend loss @ 20cm bend radius <1dB <1dB

**Others upon request All specifications could be changed without notice
***Attenuation lower than 100 dB/km

Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber

Properties Model
Physical properties PMC-C-Blue PMC-C-Green-26 PMC-C-Green-40 PMC-C-TiSa_Er-7C PMC-C-2μm-7C PMC-C-Er-7C PMC-C-Yb-7C
Core contour Hypocycloid Hypocycloid Hypocycloid Hypocycloid with negative curvature parameter b=1* Hypocycloid with negative curvature parameter b>0.7** Hypocycloid with negative curvature parameter b=0.8** Hypocycloid with negative curvature parameter b>0.7**
Inner core diameter 30μm±2μm 26μm±2μm 40μm±2μm 63μm±1μm 56μm±1μm 61μm±1μm 57μm±1μm
Outer fiber diameter 200μm±1% 200μm±1% 230μm±1% 300μm±1% 415μm±3% 435μm±3% 320μm±3%
Fiber coating diameter 375μm±25μm 400μm±30μm 400μm±30μm - - - -
Fiber coating layer - - - Primary polymer coating Primary polymer coating Primary polymer coating Primary polymer coating
Optical properties PMC-C-Blue PMC-C-Green-26 PMC-C-Green-40 PMC-C-TiSa_Er-7C PMC-C-2μm-7C PMC-C-Er-7C PMC-C-Yb-7C
Center wavelength - - - 800nm/1600nm 2000nm 1550nm 1030nm
Attenuation <100dB/km
<50dB/km @ 450nm
30dB/km @ 515nm
<30dB/km @ 532nm
30dB/km @ 515nm
<30dB/km @ 532nm
@ 800nm/1550nm
@ 2000nm
50dB/km @ 1550nm 100dB/km @ 1030nm
Dispersion 0.5ps/nm.km±0.5
@ 800nm/1550nm
Transmission band - - - >100nm/>300nm
*Attenuation lower than 100dB/km
for the 1300-1750nm
*Attenuation lower than 150dB/km
*Attenuation lower than 100dB/km
for the 1375-1750nm
*Attenuation lower than 100dB/km
for the 850-1150nm
Mode field diameter 21μm±2μm @450nm 19μm±1μm @532nm 26μm±1μm @532nm 44μm±1μm 42μm±1μm 42μm±1μm 39μm±1μm
3dB bend loss radius - - - 5cm±2cm 5cm±2cm 5cm±2cm 5cm±2cm
- <1.2 @532nm <1.2 @532nm - - - -
N.A 0.014±0.002 0.02±0.002 0.014±0.002 - - - -
Product sheet

PMC patchcord

Properties Model
Physical properties PMC-patchcord
Patchcord length 2,3,5m
Connectors FC, SMA
Coil diameter 6mm
Optical properties PMC-patchcord
Center wavelength 532nm/800nm
Transmission efficiency >90%
Mode Field Diameter See fiber spec
Input energy <1μJ @ 100fs
Input power <5W
Product sheet


Specification Model
Optical specification Comblas-UV Comblas-VIS
Operating wavelength 240-400nm 350-950nm
Total Output Power 16mW 47mW
Rep.rate 10kHz 10kHz
Temporal regime Pulsed Pulsed
Comblas-UV Comblas-VIS
Operation voltage 100-240V VAC 50/60kHz 100-240V VAC 50/60kHz
System cooling Air Cooled Air Cooled
Operating Temperature 18-25°C 18-25°C
Head Dimension 288*470*206mm 288*470*106mm
Controller Dimension 21*17*5mm 21*17*5mm
Head weight 11kg 11kg
Controller weight 1kg 1kg
Product sheet


Mechanical & Physical Specification
Physical module Table-Top rectangular module
( Dimension : 470*288*98mm, Weight : 9kg )
Gas and thermal handling Equipped with connections for gas pressure control, and water cooling for high average power laser
Operations Pre-aligned system for quick and easy fiber coupling
Product sheet
Input Laser Compressed output Performance
Central wavelength(nm) Spectral bandwidth(nm) Input pulse energy(μJ) Pulsewidth(fs) Average Power(W) Central wavelength(nm) Spectral bandwidth*(nm) Input pulse energy(μJ) Pulsewidth(fs Compression rate Spectral broadening factor
343 1.2 4.5 250 1 343 23.5 2.5 50 5 20
800 60 2600 30 0.07 775 160 1300 10** 3 2.6
1030 3 100-1000 600 0.1-1 1050-1080 1030-1100 80-650 50 12 23
1.6 16.8 740 118 1030 30 15.8 84 9 19
3 158 600 0.158 1030-1040 30 126 22 27 10
1550 15 105 850 4.2 1550 50 78 300 2.8 3.3
1800 80 35 80 0.07 2000*** 1000-2200 28 4.5 20 15

* 1/e² width / ** Estimation based on the transform limit. / ***Solution wavelength.