Multi beam scanner system for parallel laser processing

Parallel processing of multiple parts

The unique combination of a precise galvanometric scanning system and beam splitting in one system allows to multiply laser cutting, drilling or ablation processes without loosing the freedom of geometry of the scanner. This way multpile parts can be processed in parallel or for example complex cut patterns can be realized while multiplying the production output.

High speed laser drilling

Multi beam laser processing is the perfect solution for drilling or trepanning large numbers of precise holes into metal or ceramic foils by multiplying the the speed of drilling processes. With drilling rates in the multi kHz-range the system is well suited for large area applicatons. Drilling rates of up to 14 kHz have been demonstrated.


Micro- or nanostructured surfaces can extend the functions of a work piece by additional optical, hydrodynamic or wetting properties. These functional surfaces often consist of periodic structures (e.g. dimples), that are distributed over the surface of the work piece. Especially in production environments with short cycle times the MultiBeamScanner can reduce processing times and thus to enable economical ways for high quality laser ablation.

Specifications MultiBeamScanner MBS-R2 MultiBeamScanner
Custom Solution
Aperture 6mm Customized aperture on request
Beam splitter
Optical efficiency > 70% typically
Spot configuration 1 dimensional(e.g.1x4 spots)
● ● ● ●

2 dimensional(e.g.3x3 spots)
● ● ●
● ● ●
● ● ●
Customized distribution
(e.g. hexagonal, square, circle)
Spot period typically 0.3 - 6mm other spot periods on request
spot uniformity typically < 7%, high end < 3.5%
Variation of spot configuration Fixed spot pattern, change of pat-tern by exchange of beam splitter adjustable scaling of spot period
Wabelength range 355nm, 532nm or 1064 nm, designed for one wavelength customized wavelengths on request
Beam splitter motorized rotation motorized rotation
Internal optics motorized fine adjustment motorized fine adjustment
Mask adjustment manual motorized
Beam splitter exchange manual motorized
Galvo Scanner manufacturer Scanlab, Newson, Raylase, others on request
Aperture >= 15mm
Working area addressable
width beam splitter
Objective f = 100mm up to 6 x 6 mm² Customized on request
Objective f = 163mm up to 9 x 9 mm² Customized on request
Objective f = 256mm up to 15 x 15 mm² Customized on request