Laser beam stabilization

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Since 1995, it is important for us to continuously update our range of products and to support the specific applications of our customers. In 2020 we celebrate our 25th anniversary.


Stand-alone system for an easy installation to the laser beam path.
It is characterized by its straightforward handling and integration.
The Compact system leads to a reliable and very precise beam position and
direction stability and it compensates disturbances.
The Piezo actuated mirrors can placed at positions of existing mirrors of the setup.

System components and options

  • The standard version of the beam stabilization system includes the compact controller, two Si-4-quadrant detectors and two piezo-actuated mirror mounts (model P2S30).
  • With this configuration you can stabilize a laser in its position and angle against fast disturbances and slow drifts.
  • The following diagram and table illustrate the standard system as well as a selection of optional functions and components.
  • Most of our customers choose the 4-quadrant detectors, our high-end piezo-actuated mirror mounts P4S30 and a controller with USB interface

Standard system

Detector Si 4QD


Piezo mirror mount P2S30


  • WID

    wide intensity dynamic power factor >1000

  • PSD

    free positioning of target

  • UV

    190 nm – 1000 nm

  • IR

    800 nm – 3000 µm

  • Software interface


  • Sample&Hold

    bridge laser off times

  • Adjust-In

    move your target

  • Set&Hold

    hold the current position

  • P4S30

    "gold standard"

  • Different mirrors

    0.5 – 4 inch

  • Clean room

    avoid contamination

  • Vacuum models

    down to 10-11 mbar

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