Polygon scanner
Figure © Hochschule Mittweida: Double polygon wheel
with galvanometer scanner and modeled laser beam
for two-dimensional beam deflection

Polygon scanners or polygon mirror scanners enable ultra-fast beam deflections.

The laser beam is reflected on a fast-rotating polygon with high reflective surfaces.
The mechanical angle of the polygon wheel is transferred into a deflection angle of
the beam. Using rotation speeds of some 1,000 or 10,000 rpm, beam deflection speeds
in the range of 10,000 – 100,000 °/s are obtained. With suitable objectives
(e.g. F-theta-objectives with 420 mm focal length), scan speeds of more than 1,000 m/s
can be realized in the working plane.

MOEWE’s polygon scanners of the PM series stands out with a special,
patented double polygon wheel, where the beam is reflected twice, as shown in Figure 1.
Thus, systematic scanning field distortions are avoided. At the same time,
further advantages can be achieved such as avoiding back reflection in the direction
of the incoming beam and avoiding a movement of the optical pivot points during
a facet transition.

Conditioned by the working principle, the polygon mirror scans straight line in the same direction. To achieve a two-dimensional scanning field,
MOEWE’s scanners of the PM series are equipped with a digital controllable galvanometer scanner, that varies the position of the lines.
Consequently, work pieces can be machined without additional axis systems. Nevertheless, a combination with an axis system or
another handling system is possible.

The control of MOEWE’s scanners and the processes to be done with it is realized using an integrated FPGA and two ARM-processors.
This controlling concept is also patented. The total digitalization of the scanner allows a real-time compensation of manufacturing deviations and
further environmental influences, obtaining highest processing accuracy.

Furthermore, a real-time slicing of 3D solid models is possible.
The PM series is suitable for ultra-fast 2D, 2.5D and 3D processing. The large aperture of 30 mm enables high average laser power of much more than
1000 W and small focal spot sizes in the working plane.


Polygon mirror scanner PM series

  • Ultrafast 2D beam deflection

  • High aperture

  • Power applications

MOEWE’s polygon mirror scanners (PM) are designed for ultra-fast high-power laser processing.
The system is realized as two-dimensional beam deflection unit available for 2D, 2.5D and 3D processing.
The high-end PM scanners stands out with a with a free aperture of 30 mm and a real-time on-board data processing allowing highest accuracy for macro
and micro processing on never seen throughputs.

Key Features

  • Patented low distortion double polygon mirror
  • Large free aperture of 30 mm
  • High laser power of 5 kW cw
  • Ultra-fast scan speeds on the entire scanning field (no acceleration loss)
  • Full digital, FPGA on-board data processing
  • Bitmaps, vector graphics, STL-file
  • Real-time laser switching for highest accuracy

Your Advantages

  • Two-dimensional beam deflection allows sand-alone utilization or machine integration (axis, roll-to-roll)
  • Multiple digital and analog I/O connectors, Ethernet for communication, encoding, process control
  • Applications: Laser marking, Micro structuring, Sur face cleaning, Drilling, Cutting, Engraving (2.5D), Spot welding, Additive manufacturing (3D), …

Options and variants

  • Changeable objectives (standard or customized)
  • 167, 255 and 420 mm f-Θ-objectives available
  • Parameter, bitmap and vector graphics mode
  • 8-bit greyscale processing, engraving 2.5D
  • 3D real-time slicer (STL-files)
  • Synchronization of scanners and external axis
  • 10 MHz modulation of cw beams with AOM
  • Synchronization of multiple scanners
  • Phase correction for lasers with fixed pulse repetition rate
  • General specifications

    Power supply Voltage +(30±2) VDC, GND
    Current max. 15 A
    Ripple/Noise max. 200 mVpp
    Operating temperature +18 ... +30℃
    Humidity 20 ... 90 % rel.H.
    Mass 13 kg
    Size (LxWxH) in mm 281 x 226 x 253
    Input aperture 29.5 mm
    Beam displacement 0 mm
  • Optical specifications

    Polygon mirror
    Primary axis
    Galvo mirror
    Secondary axis
    Max. deflection ± 0.454 rad ± 0.698 rad
    Resolution < 2 μrad (24-bit) < 4 μrad (20-bit)
    Repeatability < 1 μrad (RMS)
    Temp. Drift < 5 μrad/K
    Max. Lines / s 1,333 Hz @ 10,000 rpm
    Max. scan speed > 800 m/s @ 10,000 rpm, 420 mm f-θ
    Wavelength NIR > 1,000 nm (Au)
    VIS 400 - 650 nm (enhanced Al, Ag)
    UV 350 - 365 nm (UV enhanced Al)
  • Input / Output

    Data transfer 1x Ethernet
    Digital Out 3x 5 V @ 120 MHz
    Analog Out 2x 0...5 V @ 3 MHz
    Analog In 1x 0...5 V
    Axis I/O 36 pin D-Sub-Micro-D
    Sync I/O Master/slave Ethernet
    GPIO I/O 20 pin D-Sub-Micro-D
    Aux. I/O 9 and 15 pin D-Sub
    USB 2.0 A 5 V, max. 0.5 A
  • Real-time FPGA processing

    On-board memory 1 GByte (optional 2 GByte)
    Scanning field 90,000 x 90,000 pixel
    FPGA frequency 200 MHz (5 ns)
    2D b/w bitmaps (1-bit) BMP
    2.5D grey bitmaps (8 bit) BMP
    Vector-graphics DXF
    3D real-time-slicer STL, VRML


Property SILL S4LFT1920/328 * SILL S4LFT0910/328* SILL S4LFT0635/126
Effective focal length 1,920 mm 910 mm 635mm
Working Distance 2,000 mm 1,050 mm 733 mm
Scan field 1,500 x 300 mm² 500 x 500 mm² 365 x 365 mm²
Wavelength 1,064 nm 1,064 nm 1,064 nm
Pulse duration fs, ps, ns, cw fs, ps, ns, cw fs, ps, ns, cw
Spotsize (focus) > 170 µm > 67 µm > 52 µm
Property SILL S4LFT0420/126* Wavelength O-E SL-1070-260X26-360Q- D22 Sill S4LFT1270/328 *
Effective focal length 420 mm 350 mm 270 mm
Working Distance 480 mm 472 mm 300 mm
Scan field 240 x 240 mm² 261 x 26,1 mm² 160 x 160 mm²
Wavelength 1,064 nm 1,070 nm 1,064 (1,030 – 1,090) nm
Pulse duration fs, ps, ns, cw fs, ps, ns, cw fs, ps, ns, cw
Spotsize (focus) > 40 µm > 33 µm > 25 µm
Property JENar™ 255-1030...1080-239* Wavelength O-E SL-515-175x17,5-300Q- D20 Wavelength O-E SL-355-210-400Q-D20
Effective focal length 255 mm 300 mm 400 mm
Working Distance 290 mm 433 mm 560 mm
Scan field 100 x 80 mm² 175 x 17,5 mm² 210 x 210 mm²
Wavelength 1,030 – 1,080 nm 515 nm 355 nm
Pulse duration fs, ps, ns, cw fs, ps, ns, cw fs, ps, ns, cw
Spotsize (focus) > 24 µm > 14 µm > 13 µm
Property Wavelength O-E TSL-355-100-294-D30
Effective focal length 294 mm
Working Distance 392 mm
Scan field 100 x 100 mm²
Wavelength 355 mm
Pulse duration fs, ps, ns, cw
Spotsize (focus) > 6 µm

* tested technical status as of 20.07.2022 , subject to change