Multi beam scanner system for parallel laser processing

Flexible beam shaper

Aperture - entry: max. 7mm
Wavelength - 515nm/532nm or 1030nm/1064nm
- on request also UV
Optical scanner - galvanometer scanner, obvective f=60..255mm
- manufacturer: Scanlab, Newson, Raylase, others on request,  aperture >=14mm
Laser sources - pulse duration: nanosecond - picosecond - femtosecond
- max. power: tested up to 100W (picosecond), higher on request
Software - Software for adjustment, calibration and control of the System
- camera supported adjustment and calibration
- calculation of phase images based on the IFTA algorithm
- generation of 3D distributions
- digital tool-changing system
Other - Masking of higher orders by the masking system
Accessoirs - ext. camera system for intensity measurement